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The Driven 2 Teach program is taking History teachers out of the classroom and to the very places where history happened. Open to Utah educators, grades 5-12, who specialize in American History or historical literature, the Driven 2 Teach program gives teachers an extended, hands-on learning experience unlike any other—at no cost to the teachers or the schools.

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2016 Field Studies

Statue of Liberty

New York – Philadelphia

June 5–12

Bankers, soldiers, farmers and “framers:” explore the founding principles and founding fathers from New York to Philadelphia.

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Valley Forge

Boston – Philadelphia

June 13–19

From Samuel Adams’ republicanism to Benjamin Franklin’s diplomacy: an intellectual and geographical journey from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania.

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US Capitol

Williamsburg – Washington, DC

June 19–25

From subject to citizen. Explore the lives of the Founding Fathers and experience the challenges of creating the Constitution.

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What People are Saying

Holly Hoyt

Holly Hoyt

U.S. History
I would not have been able to go visit these historical sites on my own. This was a chance of a lifetime. I’ve seen the sites, I have felt the passion, and I have seen that men and women who were ordinary citizens felt passionate about something and they changed everything.”